HERAS-AF Logo Holistic Enterprise-Ready Application Security Architecture Framework


HERASAF was founded in early 2005 as an idea by Wolfgang Giersche, René Eggenschwiler and Yan Graf. Since then it was continuously developed and extended. Most of the research and extensions have been done by help of theses work from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil.

Below you can find a chronology of the HERASAF project, its evolution and the most important milestones in the past.

Milestones which helped leveling HERASAF to a more sustainable project are marked bold.

2010 - Stabilization and Adoption

Release 1.0.0-M1 of HERASAF XACML Core (Florian Huonder, René Eggenschwiler, Ylli Sylejmani, Stefan Oberholzer, Contributors)

ORANGETM (France Telecom) is using HERASAF for their privacy management service.

Master thesis: Conflict detection and resolution in XACML policies, automatic support for policy creation (Florian Huonder)

Master student research project: Indexed (new) Policy Repository (Stefan Oberholzer)

Publishing article series in Eclipse Magazine: Eclipse RCP Reference Architecture (Ylli Sylejmani, Tobias Forster, René Eggenschwiler)

PrimeLife project is using HERASAF. PrimeLife is beeing developed by IBM, SAP, Microsoft and multiple Universities.

Student research project: Spring Security 3 Extension for HERASAF.

2009 - Engineering and new Architecture

SWITCH is first official user of HERASAF in GRID environments (EGEE)

Bachelor thesis: Eclipse RCP Reference Architecture (Ylli Sylejmani, Tobias Forster)

Master student research project: Advanced Indexing of Access Control Policies (Stefan Oberholzer)

Student research project: Natural Language Parser for Access Control Statements (unpublished)

Defintion of 3 units of HERASAF: XACML, Engineering, Research

2008 - Extension

Bachelor thesis: PEP ⇆ PDP Communication (Daniel Regli, Yannick Winiger)

Bachelor thesis: PAP ⇆ PDP Communication (Christoph Zellweger, Patrick Neyer)

Student research project: Policy Information Point (Ylli Sylejmani, Tobias Forster)

Student research project: Reference Loader (Patrik Dietschweiler, Christoph Egger)

HERASAF participates at the OASIS London Interoperability Demonstration (Wolfgang Giersche, Florian Huonder, René Eggenschwiler)

Master student research project: Analysis of Access Control Policies (Florian Huonder)

Publishing article in digma: Zugriffsrichtlinien automatisch umsetzen (Wolfgang Giersche)

2007 - First Components

Student research project: Axis based Webservice Endpoint (Florian Huonder, Stefan Oberholzer, Sacha Dolski)

Student research project: Policy Enforcement Point (Sandro Strebel, Massimo Cerqui)

Diploma thesis: HERASAF XACML Implementation (Florian Huonder, Stefan Oberholzer, Sacha Dolski)

Diploma thesis: Policy Administration Point (Sandro Strebel, Massimo Cerqui)

2006 - First official work

Diploma Thesis: Base Analysis for HERASAF (René Eggenschwiler)

Diploma Thesis: Base Extension for HERASAF (Yan Graf)

2005 - Foundation

Conception of HERASAF (Wolfgang Giersche, René Eggenschwiler, Yan Graf)